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Telehealth Effectiveness

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It is an incredible time of change in the mental health field. New research is released on a daily basis, and many advancements continue to be made in treatment and medication. Millions of "telehealth" appointments (including phone and video sessions) are taking place every year across a wide range of mental health, medical, and substance abuse services. A growing body of evidence has shown that these services can be as or better than in-person services.

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While you might feel it may be a bit awkward to meet by video, most of our clients report that it is more comfortable and less stressful than coming into a physical office on the first visit.  After a session or two, it's hard to imagine meeting the old-fashioned way.

What are some of the many additional benefits of meeting by phone or video?

  • No waiting in traffic or wasting gas.

  • Lower overhead = lower fees.

  • Easily fit a session into a lunch hour.

  • Access to quality services no matter where you're located.

  • You'll never run into someone you know from work or your personal life by accident.

  • Eliminates barriers for the disabled and those without vehicles.

  • The ability to continue services while on vacation, business travel, or at school.

Here are some great articles on the effectiveness of telehealth services:

"Does psychotherapy via the Internet work? For the first time, clinical researchers from the University of Zurich have studied whether online psychotherapy and conventional face-to-face therapy are equally effective in experiments."  Psychotherapy via the internet is as good as if not better than face-to-face consultations (Article) 


"The University of Florida’s Counseling & Wellness Center has launched a novel program that provides therapy to patients with anxiety disorders — all over a computer screen. The Therapy Assisted Online (TAO) program, started in the fall, has had staggering results, showing that it is, so far, more successful than individual or group therapy sessions offered face to face."

University finding great success with online anxiety treatment (Article)


"Researchers compared home-delivered prolonged exposure therapy - which helps patients confront memories and situations that trigger their symptoms - to the same treatment given in U.S. Veterans Affairs clinics, and found no difference in effectiveness."

Telemedicine No Less Effective Than In-Person Therapy (Article)


"Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) delivered online is effective for treating depression in adults concludes a new meta-analysis presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in San Diego."

New Research: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Delivered Online Effective for Treating Depression (Article)

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