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Our Fees

No Hidden Fees

At betterpsych , our goal is to provide access to quality mental health services at affordable prices. We offer some of the most affordable available for a wide range of experienced clinicians. We are an out-of-network provider with all insurance providers. All clients pay their services fees on the day they receive services. If you have a PPO-type insurance plan, many insurance providers will reimburse you a percentage of your fees if you have met your deductible. We do not accept Medicare or Medi-Cal and these programs do not cover our services.​

Licensed/Certified Therapists & Addiction Professionals

Initial 90 Minute Assessment Session - $250

45 Minute Individual Session - $135

60 Minute Couples or Family Session - $160

Cost transparency & no hidden fees

At betterpsych, there are no hidden fees. Our service fees are listed below and there are no other additional charges. Can't find the cost of services on other telehealth providers or therapists websites? It's because they don't want you too. Don't get stuck with bills your insurance company won't pay.

Private-pay rates that fit almost any budget

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We are ready to help! 


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