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The only mental health company that provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Satisfaction Guarantee

betterpsych provides best-in-class mental health services for individuals and couples. Experienced therapists who treat a wide range of issues using evidence-based practices.

betterpsych provides private-pay mental health services. Eliminating insurance hassles and ensuring total privacy. Many clients receive reimbursements from their PPO insurance plans.

betterpsych is the only telehealth company that provides an initial 90-minute assessment. Proven results start with a thorough understanding of your issues and full-length ongoing therapy sessions.

Why betterpsych?

betterpsych was founded to help those suffering from mental health problems achieve lasting results. We are the only company in the mental health field to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services. We can do this because we employ some of the best clinicians in our industry. We empower our clients to overcome life's toughest challenges and reach their highest potential with evidence-based practices and the latest technology. 

At betterpsych every therapy journey starts with a thorough 90-minute assessment session. We know that excellent outcomes start with a thorough understanding of your current situation, history, issues, and strengths. You'll develop a treatment plan with your provider that incorporates your values and goals. You'll execute that plan in ongoing full-length therapy sessions. We never use "texting" therapy, online chat, or a one-size-fits-all approach. We never overload our therapists with an unsafe or unrealistic number of clients.

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